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Medicana Health Group Important Investments

Medicana Hospitals Group is one of the pioneers in private hospital area of Turkey. It is developing with secured steps on the road that began in 1992. Medicana Hospitals Group is making big investments in health sector. In 2006, it was the biggest corporation to invest in health sector. After Medicana International İstanbul and Ankara Hospitals, the number of hospitals of the Group has become six. The hospital projects of the group are not limited with these. In 2011, the number of hospitals of the Group will be eight after the completion of Medicana Samsun and Medicana Konya Hospitals and other Medicana Hospitals planned to be opened in other cities of Turkey. Medicana International İstanbul and Medicana International Ankara and Konya Medicana have been designed in the concept of dealing with cancer, especially. Both with its infrastructure and technological equipments, these hospitals will be prominent in cardiology area, too. Medicana Hospitals Group has started its foreign investments. The construction of first foreign investment of the Group, Medicana Hospital in Romania has already been started.

Joint Commission International Accreditation
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