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The aims of Medicana Health Group

By providing service in international standards from heart surgery to in-vito fertilization center, from advanced cancer treatment to cosmetology, from brain surgery to organ transplant, from hemodialysis to knee joint disorders and neurology, becoming the attraction centre of Middle East, Balkans and Europe as well as Turkey. To open a medicine faculty in Turkey which provides education in international standards. To become the most in demand and most qualified health brand of Middle East and Balkans. To provide health service in international Standards.

Providing world’s special health corporations to the people in our country. Providing health service to people in Turkey and abroad in the area of cancer centre, cardiology and KVC, IVF, Orthopedics, Organ transplant and Neurosurgery. Making Medicana Health Group one of the important brands of the world health sector As Medicana Health Group, sharing medical knowledge and experience with the whole world. Investing in countries like Russia, Bulgaria, Balkan countries, Syria, Iraq, Algeria and Lebanon. Opening qualified hospitals with high tech design and scientific staff not just in Turkey but also in Middle East, Middle Asia, Balkans and Europe and meeting the needs of patients coming from these countries and regions Being a pioneer in health tourism Building Medicana University to prepare doctors to the sector

Local Aims

In short terms, Samsun – Konya and four or five other cities according to the prepositions which are in the evaluation processMedicana University

Foreign Aims

Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan

Joint Commission International Accreditation
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