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Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery


All procedures of general plastic surgery branch are performed in our plastic surgery clinics. In addition, our clinics also host a modern lipoplasty device, which is used for all procedures focusing fat tissues and a radiofrequency device which enables resection of several skin lesions. Thus, patients may be intervened at outpatient settings resulting with reduction in hospitalization period.

Briefly, aesthetic procedures involving face- and forehead-lift as well as augmentation and reduction of eyelid, nose and breast, any and all types of lipoplasty, operations for loose portions of abdomen, lower leg, arm and waist, all cancers of skin, mucosa, oral cavity and jaw and all problems related with mouth, jaw, facial and cranial bones.

Moreover, congenital facial anomalies such as lip and palate cleft, congenital cranial anomalies such as prominent ear and absence of external ear, congenital hand anomalies such as syndactylia and polydactylia, genital anomalies such as hypo- and epi-spadias and late-period burn sequel and problems are included in our treatment spectrum.

Our country needs somewhat divergent plastic surgery services due to different patient population in comparison with western countries. Although incidences tend to reduce, anomalies originating from consanguineous marriages and home accidents (burns originating from hot water bags and stove) are among pediatric age problems. Traffic and occupational accidents and peri-oral cancers are significant conditions valid for adulthood in plastic surgery.

In the field of aesthetics, the group complaining about overweight and dimensions of breast follows, in figure, the group of nasal and facial anomalies.

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