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Cardiology and Cardiovasicular Surgery Center


In Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Center, vessels occluded during heart attack can be restored with instant intervention by professional healthcare team offering 7/24 service.

High-technology 64-slice computerized tomography devices hosted in our centers offers superior advantages particularly in examining heart vessels. In this method, examination of heart is completed only in 4 seconds and three-dimensional and detailed images enable rapid and efficient diagnosis. Thus, stenosis and occlusions in heart vessels are identified in pain-free and rapid manner without requiring conventional angiography.

In our centers, angiographic procedures can be performed via arterial puncture in wrist region. Angiographic procedures originating from puncture of arterial structures in inguinal region are associated with risk of dilatation (balloon formation) of vessel, inguinal swelling due to uncontrolled bleeding and extremely painful and disabling problems and these risks are almost zero percent in angiograph performed via puncture of arteries in wrist.

Considering wrist angiography, there are significant advantages in terms of patient’s comfort; patients are monitored for only 3-4 hours, patient may alone walk to procedure room and they are mobilized immediately after procedure is completed.

Pediatric Cardiology teams offers healthcare services including diagnosis and invasive procedures and non-operational repair of congenital cardiac septal defects in all pediatric age groups starting from neonatal period.

Moreover, our centers also offer non-surgical intervention for stenosis of heart valves via interventional angiography, Electrophysiology method which is a non-invasive intervention for cardiac rhythm disorders, Echocardiography which makes evaluations at tissue level and under stress,

Talium scintigraphy which shows extent of blood supply to cardiac muscle by involved vessels, Exercise test enabling real-time and mean-value analysis, Rhythm Holter which monitors heart rhythm for 24- and 48-hours, Blood Pressure Holter which monitors blood pressure for 24 hours and Flat panel angiography device, and cardiac images can be obtained using MRI device for diagnosis and follow-up care of cardiovascular diseases.

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