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In Vitro Fertilization


In Vitro Fertilization Units of Medicana Group of Hospitals offer highest quality healthcare service based on experience physicians and state-of-the-art technology medical infrastructure.

In Vitro Fertilization Units use most recent technology and treatment methods in the field of assisted reproduction techniques. All In Vitro Fertilization centers of Medicana Health Group host recognized and reliable specialists who undersigned many successes in the field of reproductive health.

We offer scientific solutions to couples who imagine to have a child thanks to our experienced team comprising of gynecologists and obstetricians, Andrology (male infertility) specialists, embryologists, medical genetics specialists, psychologists, biologists and nurses.

For in vitro fertilization procedures, our procedures are identical to those used in leader IVF centers around the world and our laboratory is continuously inspected, ranging from egg harvesting to embryo transfer, using state-of-the-art technology. In our center, many procedures are performed including ovulation therapy, artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization, micro-injection and all other procedures in the field of assisted reproduction (laser assisted hatching), defragmantation (eliminating hazardous wastes in embryo), embryo biopsy for genetic diagnosis of baby before transfer is made (PGT) and co-culture (artificial womb). Any and all types of diagnostic and therapeutic services are also offered for male infertility.

In our centers, in additional to diagnosis and treatment of infertility, couples are also provided psychological support by psychologists experienced in this field.

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Joint Commission International Accreditation
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