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In our centers, kidney, liver, bone marrow and cornea transplantations are performed at international standards. Medicana Health Group is among remarkable healthcare facilities which support organ donation and transplantation.

Medicana Bahçelievler, Medicana Çamlıca, Medicana International Istanbul and Medicana International Ankara hospitals and their specialists undertakes success transplantation operations. Medicana Bahçelievler Hospital was awarded “Prize for Private Hospital With Highest Number of Transplantation” by Ministry of Health due to 93 transplantation operations.

Liver Transplantation;

Most patient requiring liver transplantation are cases with hepatic cirrhosis. Recently, the view is recognized that patient with end stage hepatic cirrhosis and life expectancy below 1 year is candidate for liver transplantation and such patient is (or should) recommended transplantation. Half of patients with such condition dies secondary to the disease or complications. Success rate is over 80% in liver transplantations which are performed in timely manner. Organ transplantation is the only treatment method for patients with chronic organ failure. Death is inevitable for those patients if organ cannot be supplied.

Bone Narrow Transplantation

Based on criteria of European Union, adequate transplantation in a particular state implies 50 bone marrow transplantation per one million subjects. Considering this figure, there should be minimum 3500 bone marrow transplantations in our country. However, according to data issued by Ministry of Health for Year 2011, 2100 bone marrow transplantations were performed in our country. This figure is the indication of inadequacy of transplantation. Our country has 5th rank among all European Union states with regards to number of bone marrow transplantations. Medicana Ankara Hospital has currently nine-bed bone marrow transplantation unit and it is the only private healthcare facility performing bone marrow transplantation in Ankara. Our unit is licensed by Ministry of Health on February 2012 and autologous stem cell transfer was performed in 6 patients.

Hair Transplantation

In U.S, 25 billion dollars are spent for hair per year. This figure indicates us the importance of good-looking hair for both women and men. Many cosmetic products are/have been developed for good-looking hair; but hair transplantation is the only solution for restoring appearance of patients when alopecia (complete loss of scalp hair) develops.

Hair transplantation is gradually getting more popularized and prices are somewhat cheaper in comparison with prices offered in the past and accordingly, it is the most common aesthetic intervention preferred by men. When hair transplantation is performed by experts, outcomes are very positive, while it should be kept in mind that unsuccessful hair transplantation leads to extreme misery.

Recently, two methods are used for hair transplantation. The first one is FUT technique, which is the conventional hair transplantation method. In this technique, a tissue slice is obtained from hairy scalp located in bilateral post-auricular regions. Donor site is sutured. Tissue slice is separated into follicles and they are transferred to recipient site.

FUE method, which is regarded by patients as modern method, hair units are individually obtained from neck region and thus, suture procedure in the conventional method is avoided. The most remarkable difference of two methods is presence of suture scar. In the first contact with plastic surgeon, patient is informed in details about pros and cons of two methods and a decision is made for which method is best option for patient. Both methods are performed under local anesthesia and the procedure last approximately 5-6 hours.

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