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Huda from Libya regained her health in Turkey

libyali-baba-kiz-nakilHuda Hadidan, a Libyan university student, started living her second life when her father Elfaza Hadidan donated kidney to her.

Huda (19), a university student, held on to life in Turkey, where she traveled due to complaint of renal failure, with her father’s kidney.Transplantation team of Medicana International Ankara Hospital performed the transplant surgery of Huda.General surgeon Ulaş Sözener, M.D., the head of the team, informs us about current health status of Huda:“Our patient presented from Libya for renal failure.Unfortunately, these kinds of therapies can be delayed there.Here, we could complete her workup in a short time interval without waiting too long. Since her father's achieved full match, including all tissue groups and blood type, we performed the organ transplantation.No complication occurred, and now, both of them are as healthy as I am.I can easily speculate that they will also be healthy as long as they have medical checks at regular intervals.We can say that Huda got rid of the disease, provided she takes medications regularly and presents for pre-determined follow-up visits.”

Health arising out of the cooperation between Turkey and Libya

Stating that MRI scan of Huda showed total dysfunction of one kidney, Father Hadidan said “Libya and Turkey had already signed a contract.I found out that based on my internet searches, advertisements and details obtained from my friends, the kidney transplantation is performed in Turkey and this hospital is very successful in this field.As I heard the name of Medicana, I applied to Embassy and Ministry of Health and then, we were referred to here.When we arrived to the hospital, all examinations and testing were started and we were informed that I could be kidney donor for my daughter.We arrived to the hospital on January, 13 and surgery was carried out on January, 31.”

“Tests are done at weekly basis; Thanks God, there is no problem so far”

Reporting that his and his daughter’s health status is very good and blood values are gradually restored to normal ranges, Hadidan says "I am very pleased and happy, I thank to our doctors, they really helped me giving a new life to my daughter.We are very thankful to Turkish people, Turkish nation; they welcomed us nicely, transferred us from airport to the hospital.I also thank Libyan Consulate, because they very really helpful”.

“I want to go back to school”

Huda, who regained her health, specifies that she felt herself healthier than before, wanted to be back in education life which she suspended and was very happy to regain her health.

Since Huda is a university student, she will continue her education life that has been suspended with the permission of doctors.

Saying that she was very frightened when her daughter suffered from pain and had to stay in hospital every day, mother Hadidan expressed her happiness and burst into tears. 

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